There is great physical, spiritual, and relational need here at home and around the world. We believe that we are called to meet those needs by sharing the transforming Good News of Jesus locally and globally.

Local Partners

As a church we care about the community that God has placed us. We want to be known in our community as a place of hope, healing, and love as the Gospel is lived out in real and tangible actions and relationships.  This means that we partner with a variety of different organizations in our community to care for the physical, relational, and spiritual needs of people.

Global partners:

We support global partners serving in God’s work in India, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Minnesota, Hungary, Ukraine and Mexico. Together, we are seeing lives around the world transformed; new churches planted; people invited to follow Jesus; and disciples equipped to serve the Lord and share His grace in a hurting world.

How do we engage with those partnerships?

  • By connecting our partners to each other and establishing unique environments, skills, and influence to maximize impact
  • By providing a variety of levels of engagement for people to get involved with our partners, and the issues that are affect us both locally and globally
  • By training our people to notice God’s movement and to act on His nudging to engage in His world
  • By providing opportunities for people to take risks in “safe” partnerships as they discover their passion, gifting and mission
  • By being a light in our community by living out our faith authentically and compassionately, and inviting people into a relationship with Jesus for hope and healing
  • Deepening relationships with organizations in our community that results in a network of caring for the spiritual, physical and relational needs of those around us

  • By supporting our partners financially, through short-term trips, special projects, and prayer

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