The Outreach Leadership Team guides and facilitates Grace Church’s efforts to further God’s mission through support of global partners, engagement with local partners, and resourcing individuals to follow God’s plan for their lives.  

Darla Benjamin

As the Director of Outreach, Darla has a heart for people and loves building relationships and making connections that help others thrive physically, relationally, and spiritually.  She is passionate about sharing Christ’s love in her community and around the world, and wants to meet the needs of people.

Leah Kadwell

Leah Kadwell spent 20 years in India doing cross-cultural ministry. Leah is Grace Outreach’s social media coordinator and special adviser to Darla Benjamin. She is passionate about helping people go deeper in their relationship with God and realize their God-given strengths.

Kevin Kadwell

Kevin served alongside Leah in India for 20 years doing cross-cultural ministries. Kevin desires to help people find their place in the body of Christ. He is passionate about helping people know themselves, develop their skills in different ministries and finding their purpose.

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