The Power of Community

As foreman of the unpacking crew, Dean’s buddy from Grace, Kevin, folded down the tall trailer door so that it became a gently sloping ramp on the ground.  It was 5:00pm.  The closing on the house with the mortgage company was complete, the sun was starting to set on the horizon, and it was time to start shifting all the furniture and clothes and toys and small appliances from the moving truck into the new, beautiful home.  Knowing that this would be a huge task, Kevin had earlier in the day, as a surprise, called in reinforcements.  Mark, Kari and Monty and Kevin’s wife all answered that call with enthusiasm.  As part of Kevin’s small group from Grace, these folks had served together before.  They had packed meals and stuffed Easter eggs.  They enjoyed spending time together and loved to lend a helping hand. They had all been the recipients of assistance and were thrilled to be able to give back.

Forming a human chain of sorts, the unloading work went quickly.  In just under two hours, a huge trailer, two Pods, and several vehicles were all unloaded into the house.  Many hands had indeed made light work.  There was a spirit of joyfulness in the air, knowing that everyone was there to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  This was the Church in action.  Dean and Rachel were thrilled to have people help and served up a delicious lasagna as a thank you.  As the helpers gobbled down hot pasta and buttery garlic bread, the kids were jumping on the couches in their brand new living room, boxes were everywhere ready to be put in place, and it was a great thing to see this precious family excited and at peace, fully equipped to begin their new life.

When the others had gone, Kevin revealed to Dean and Rachel that one of the helpers was actually one of the members of Grace Church’s Elder Board. “Really?” Rachel replied, her eyes wide open with astonishment.   “No Perfect People Allowed” isn’t just a saying at Grace.  Everyone is willing to help out when needed, get their hands dirty, and share the love of Jesus in word and in deed.  This was the power of community.  This was the love of God.

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