Toilet paper fight…God’s mercy

No, I am not talking about the epic battle that is going on in the world over toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic. This fight was between me and my husband a couple years ago when he attempted to convince me that Kirkland/Costco brand toilet paper was as good (or even better) than Charmin. Wait. What!?!? Fast forward; it was a couple of weeks ago that, I found myself at Costco when the store was opening and I followed ALL of the other customers to several pallets where the workers were rapidly handing out *gulp* Kirkland brand toilet paper!! Hmmm, I saw some customers with Charmin in their carts so I sped past the pallets of the “other stuff” and began searching and searching for the Charmin! Out of nowhere, my cart came nose to nose with a woman pushing a cart with TWO large packages of Charmin toilet paper – quickly, I said: “where’d you find that?”, pointing to the Charmin – she said; “oh, actually, I can only buy one – do you want the other one?” I grabbed the one as fast as I could and thanked her (probably too much) then smiled. Thank you God! He even cares about what seems to be the most ridiculous little things!

Hugs and peace,

Brenda Reeves

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