The eagle…God’s power and presence

On a recent Saturday morning, I was driving to meet some of my gym gal-pals for an outdoor workout during this COVID-19 pandemic while our gyms are closed. As I was driving, I was praying for the world, for the country, our state and our local community; I was also praying for the women that I was meeting, that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. I asked God to show me His presence and to help me be a witness/a light to these women. After we each got to our space and set up (6ft apart for proper social distancing, of course) we noticed something in the sky; when we looked up there was an  enormous bald eagle flying above us and he soared proudly for several minutes directly above us. To me it was the sign I was looking for – our national bird, right then at that moment, right there in Roseville. I shared my prayer with the women. God is mighty, He is present and He can carry a heavy load, all of our burdens! Press on…

Hugs and peace,

Brenda Reeves

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