Casting Shadows

 I was out walking my dog Elliot this morning and as I made my turn toward home, I noticed our shadows.  Now that isn’t anything new, I know. Most days the sun casts shadows all around us. What was new was my perspective on shadows.  When the sun illuminates an object, that object casts a shadow on what is around it. This got me thinking, while the sun casts a shadow, so does the Son! When I live a life that is led and illuminated by Christ, I cast a shadow on everyone around me. Our purpose is attached to someone’s destiny. If this is true, what/who does my shadow touch and am I reflecting the Son?  Do people around me feel the presence of Jesus?  Are the things I say and do pointing people the Son? Especially in times like these I am reminded that if Jesus is lighting my life, then there will be a shadow.  Does my shadow bring hope, encouragement and transformation to others?  Together, let’s cast shadows that reflect the Son and share in the hope that is Jesus with others. 

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