Stories of God’s Grace!

God is doing amazing things at Grace Church! Read stories of how God is working in the lives of people through our Outreach Ministries… Click below!

  • Oh to be Home Sweet Home!
    “We’re Home!” Most times, that phrase sparks a certain amount of joy and relief and security for those who say it.  It brings with it memories of fond times and feelings of family and the assurance that you’ll be sleeping in your own comfortable bed.  Every one of Grace’s Global Partners, however, lives in a strange… Continue Reading →
  • The Power of Community
    As foreman of the unpacking crew, Dean’s buddy from Grace, Kevin, folded down the tall trailer door so that it became a gently sloping ramp on the ground.  It was 5:00pm.  The closing on the house with the mortgage company was complete, the sun was starting to set on the horizon, and it was time to start… Continue Reading →
  • Bringing Hope to India during COVID-19
    Pastor Markus lifted his cell phone to his ear one more time.  He had been dialing all day when in reality, he would much rather have been having face-to-face meetings in the home of his church members.  Sitting in his small home in rural Katihar, Bihar, in Northern India, his weariness at the severity of the COVID-19… Continue Reading →
  • The eagle…God’s power and presence
    God is mighty, He is present and He can carry a heavy load, all of our burdens! Press on…
  • Toilet paper fight…God’s mercy
    He even cares about what seems to be the most ridiculous little things!
  • Casting Shadows
    When I live a life that is led and illuminated by Christ, I cast a shadow on everyone around me

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